Edith A'Gay Conversion Spring/Summer 2007 Collection

October 2006 Juliet Lac

A few days ago, I received an invitation to attend the presentation of Edith A'Gay collection "conversion" spring/summer 2007 on October 2nd. Coming to this event was my very first time to attend a live fashion show during the Fashion Week Paris, 2006...I was thrilled! For some reasons, participating and reporting about fashion had never occurred on my mind--but now... I think I like it.

Edith A'Gay is an Austrian/Hungarian fashion designer based in Vienna. She has been participating in more than 40 international fashion shows and projects. She has  recently received an award prize at the 4th Fashion Week in Vienna. Wow...that's very impressive! And since 2003, she's continually exhibited and presented her collections at the Fashion Week Paris, and at other famous events such as Tokyo Mood, Aoyama, Bell Commons and Trade Mission in Japan.

Edith A'Gay's new collection is based on the principle of "Conversion". The outfits are variable depend on the creativity of the person wearing them.  It is the twilight zone of neutral colors creatively and artistically merged with straight geometric silhouettes.  In her collection, the strong line is combined with fine, erotic and feminine elements. Edith A'Gay describes her unique style as "reduced contemporary elegance for everybody and for every moment, and individually transformable outfits for one's image to celebrate the everyday".

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Photos by Juliet Lac
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