Love, Friendship and Sex in the City

May 2006 Juliet Lac

The Very First Time...Entre Nous
I remember in September last year, you sent me an sms message to say goodnight at 3 am. I was really surprised and touched by your thought of me. It was the very first time that I got to notice you and put you deep on my mind. Since that time, you've been sending me sweet sms messages now-n-then during late hours--and sometimes I got up from bed to answer them. You were so gentle and romantic like an angel.

And then, we met for the very first time in January and spent a great time together. We shared our passion and desire. But lately, you've been changing a lot--and I seem not to know you anymore. Baby, please tell me what's on your mind...

The Very First Time...Entre Nous
The day after Christmas, I was hurt and heartbroken when you call me up on the telephone. You came to me under the falling snow. You took me to your place high on top of Paris--over looking the Eiffel Tower and the Seine River. You opened a bottle of champagne, turned on the music and lit up the candlelight...we cook, we talk, we eat, we laugh, we tease each other. We watched the lights shining at the tower and the water reflecting magical image of the city at night on the river...and then, we kissed.

We have met two years ago...and thank you for being there for me when I needed you the most. I also enjoyed our lunches on Champs Elysees...we shared our laughs and good times together. I've learned a lot from you.

The Very First Time...Entre Nous
Dear Juju, congratulations and bravo on your new album and many upcoming concerts!!! I hope to see you and your rock band play at your next concert  avec Les ptites Bourrettes on June 16 at Le Cafe La Pche in Montreuil. Love your photo with the guitar...Je suis ton fan!!!!

Mycelium: "Par la petite porte" est actuellement disponible en 5 titres. Courant 2006, c'est un album de 12 titres qui sera disponible.

The Very First Time...Entre Nous
I remember, I've met you--my handsome Samy, three years ago on a meeting website. You were the very first one that I talked to on the chat forum in French. It was my very first time to write in French and I've made mistakes to call you 'cherie'...et tu m'as dit "Je suis un homme".

Today, we talked again on the same forum...I still call you 'cherie'. Oh dear, when can I master your beautiful language? I wonder. Now from time to time, when I chat on the French forums, no one French person knows exactly if I'm a man, a woman...or maybe both !!! hahaha...too funny to think about it.

Sex in the City...Paris
In fact, looking at the quote from Julio Iglesias below, I should not perfect my French. I would not want to try anyway...^_^. But I could tell you later what happened to my sex life when I had perfect my French--par hasard.

"When I came here, I couldn't speak a word of English, but my sex life was perfect. Now my English is perfect but my sex life is rubbish."

Love Me Paris...

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