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Paris, Sex and Pleasure

© September 2005

During my chats with these men, I read confessions about wanting to find new sensations or horizons outside their marriages. They promised acrobatic maneuvers that their wives would not entertain and offered to meet me anytime, anywhere, for sexual pleasures. Wow…what a dead deal for me, huh? There were women on these sites, most of them lesbians or couples with bisexual women who wanted to find female partners outside their committed relationships with men. Women-on-women sex dating is very hot and trendy in the City of Light these days. Why? Could it be that women are often disappointed by male lovers, and thus are seeking out women to fulfill their fantasies?

Sometimes I was shocked by the fantasies and the strange proposals of these sex-lovers. As I was chatting on the forums, I found that most men on these websites believed they can get quick, free sex “like that!”—just a snap of the fingers. I wish life was that easy. A good number of men told me that life is short so they want to profit it to the max. I don’t know if their lives are short, but they sure do sound boring.

I recently saw some public advertising (put out by the City of Paris) in the subways and on the streets about love and condoms. Hmmm, I wondered. Perhaps these sex-dating sites have been put in place to fight against prostitution and disease. In return for promoting safer sex, the city and its commercial partners can share the profits from those paid, mostly male memberships. Very clever indeed

A few months ago, while a friend was visiting Paris to celebrate her birthday, I surfed the Internet to find a creative place or venue to surprise her. I stumbled onto a Paris-by-night website that offer many discounts and prepaid dinners to Paris hot spots. These night party events included famous shows such as the “Crazy Horse”, “Moulin Rouge”, dinner and dancing cruises on the Seine, etc. I’d chosen the dinner and show at Stringfellows at €45 per person—that's a 35% discount off the regular price, which is unusual given that Stringfellows is a table dancing show invented by Peter Stringfellow, a Brit. The deco resembled Shanghai dancing clubs in the 1920s, ‘30s and ‘40s, and the place and its dancers are elegantly organized and superbly performed.

The night we went, my friend, Carol, and I arrived a bit early, around 9 pm. There weren’t too many people there yet and the strip show wouldn’t start until 10 pm. The dancers were tall, with nice body and breasts. They were dressed in extra tall high-heeled shoes and tight short dresses. There was a strict “no-touch” rule being enforced by the tight security team and so there was no worry when they stripped topless. Luckily, Carol and I were seated next to two other couples, as most of the clients were men. After the table performances, the girls would go around inviting single men to pay for lap-dances at a cost of €25 to €45. For ten minutes of wiggle, we could pass and as we ate, we talked to the people in tables surrounding us.

Carol is also American and at the end of the night, we both agreed that the French people, both men and women, are very open and gay about their sexuality and the pleasures of sex. It is not all hype. And as they excitedly spoke about their experiences (sans taboos), we ended up having lots of fun in a very warmth and sensual ambience. It was one of my most unforgettable nights out with the girls…and they were beautiful girls...and guys.

Wow…what a sexy world.

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